Public Sector Reform Unit

Office of the President, 8 Wesley Street, Freetown

Sierra Leone Pay & Performance Project Training Report Professional Certificate in “Leadership, Management and Models of Public Service Delivery”

In an attempt to bolster performance and productivity in the Sierra Leone Civil Service, the Government of Sierra Leone and the World Bank are jointly implementing the US17 million Pay and Performance Project (P&PP), which is part of the Government’s flagship

Public Sector Reform Programme including EU support to Civil Service Reform. The Project has 2 key components, as follows: Component 1: Support to the GoSL’s Reform Programme (US $15.0 million) and Component 2: Technical Assistance (US $2.0 million). Component 1 supports the three critical reform areas - Pay Reform; Recruitment and Staffing; and Performance Management and Accountability - which were identified in the Cabinet-approved Policy on “Improving Productivity through Management and Pay Reforms”. The Technical Assistance component complements the first Component by financing goods, consultancy services, non-consulting services, training, study tours and workshops etc.