Public Sector Reform Unit

Office of the President, 8 Wesley Street, Freetown

Anti-Corruption Commission (NACS) Strategy 2014 - 2018

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The main instrument for implementation of the Anti-corruption Strategy remains the Implementation Action Plan, which is an integral part of the strategy document. In accordance with the general and specific objectives established for each priority sector, including both horizontal and vertical priorities of the Strategy, the Implementation Action Plan is designed to implement these objectives through specific and concrete anti- corruption measures. It consists of specific action-plan objectives, benchmarks and Corruption Control measures, together with tangible success indicators and clear and realistic timelines. When the timelines are indicated as„ on-going“, it implies that the progress in such measures is supposed to be reviewed periodically, in co-operation with corresponding institutions. The ACC is responsible for coordinating and controlling implementation of the Strategy through measures envisaged in the Anti-corruption Implementation Action Plan. Bearing in mind some lessons learned from the past NACS implementation (2009-2013), and in order to increase efficiency and ownership of institutions for implementation of measures from the Action Plan, the process of implementation of the Strategy and Action Plan shall be re-organised and based on the following premises: